Portraits from the Historical Photo Department

from Mar. 09.

to Apr. 30.

Here they are!

One of the most valuable pieces of our Museum is the ceremonial robe once worn by Hungarian kings at their coronations. According to the Latin inscription on the garment, it had been donated to the Basilica of Székesfehérvár by our fist king Saint Stephen I and his wife Giselle in 1031.


The coronation mantle

Get to know relics from earlier millennia! Our archaeological exhibition presents to the visitor the history of the peoples of Hungary from earliest times up to the Avar age.


Between East and West

In the first half of our historical exhibition, visitors can follow the main events of Hungarian history in the medieval period, by way of outstanding artefacts from the time. 


The History of Hungary, Part One

In this part of the exhibition, we present the leading personalities and key events in Hungary’s history during the modern era and subsequently.


The History of Hungary, Part Two

These stone relics supplement our historical and art historical knowledge relating to the Roman province of Pannonia, in a period from which few data from other sources have survived.


Roman Lapidary